Guiding the growth of entrepreneurship to promote the values of  ownership and wealth-building for all.

Claudia Viek

Claudia Viek

Catalyst, Convener and Connector

Seasoned economic development strategist and extraordinary bridge maker dedicated to advancing the mission of nonprofit organizations, companies and governments supporting the transformation of local economies through small and micro business entrepreneurship.

For over two decades, Claudia has been a champion of Micro Business as the most pervasive and effective business and job generator in California and the US. She pioneered the Microenterprise development and business incubation movements in California, she founded the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco, and most recently, completed her tenure as CEO of the California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity (CAMEO). She is the Founder and Catalyst of the Invest in Women Entrepreneurs Initiative, which is dedicated to the mission of changing the status quo of the chronic under-funding in women’s business development. She is also known most for her mastery in aligning vision and execution.


"I wanted to change the way traditional social services were delivered, first by building community power in the 80’s and later by promoting small business ownership among people of color, women and disenfranchised groups. I saw that when folks owned their own job, they became more invested in their communities, became homeowners and helped their kids do better.

Today, I continue to work at the cutting-edge of this field with so many new friends and partners advancing economic equity and opportunity for all."

— claudia viek


Listen to Claudia speak about how self-employment and entrepreneurship translates into more jobs, local economic development and community.