Areas of Practice


Receive support that is personal and professional, and deep in industry knowledge.



My experience and success in starting and growing (and yes, turning around) a range of nonprofit organizations recognizes the strength of constituencies and the importance of identifying and leveraging resources to achieve sustainable results. 

I purchased the building for the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, which now serves as  the de facto endowment supporting the Center’s mission, and I advised the State Community College Commission on best practices in designing programs for entrepreneurship training.

The critical thinking, planning and execution of strategies gained in these experiences can help both nonprofits and governments make high-level decisions, scale projects, design and launch entirely new ventures, and be more successful.  


Promoting CRA

 I have assisted banks in the development of high impact grants and investment programs, particularly in rural regions, and I'm seen as bridge to effective community-based programs that get the job done.


Marketing & Development

My experience rebranding nonprofits and positioning them for private and public support identifies competitive advantages and critical success factors, and empowers the organizations’ leadership to be effective – and fabulous!

I shepherded the new brand identity for Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center after a difficult organizational transition process; rebranded CAMEO to celebrate micro businesses key to building local economies; also created the Nonprofit Space Capital Fund within the NCCLF, as well as the "Let’s Eat on Third Street" Campaign with the SF Housing Development Corp.

These are a few examples of how I have accrued my experience in marketing and development, which resulted in the expanded reach and growth of these organizations.


Executive Mentoring

As part of Strategic Development, I coach CEOs and Boards to help them identify and reach their goals. I share my wisdom from managing many nonprofit executive transitions.



Invest in Women Entrepreneurs

Invest in Women Entrepreneurs Initiative Logo.png

Invest in Women Entrepreneurs is Claudia's latest initiative. Her undivided support of women entrepreneurs shepherd the vision and launch of this new coalition in January 2018.

The mission of Invest in Women Entrepreneurs is to promote substantial new resources for women-owned businesses to build wealth and stronger local economies.