Published Articles


May 2017, Huffpost

Business ownership will close the wealth gap

"Business ownership reduces wealth inequality. The median net worth of business owners is two and a half times greater than that of nonbusiness owners, and for African Americans the difference is eight times higher." Read more

Feb 2017, The Hill

Investing in women entrepreneurs nets a huge return on investment

"Our organizations, which represent micro-businesses and women entrepreneurs, propose the government make a significant investment in women-owned businesses. This investment would increase business training services, prioritize gender parity in access to capital, and increase federal contracting opportunities—giving women entrepreneurs the coaching, capital and connections to markets they need to grow and thrive." Read more

Aug 2016, American Banker

How to tame the wild west of marketplace lending

"Online alternative lenders offer a variety of advantages from their use of automation, big data and crowdfunding to reach small businesses. They offer quick loan decisions with a stripped-down application process . . . But it can also be predatory, especially to the unaware, inexperienced borrower." Read more

Feb 2016, Huffpost

Invest in women business ownership for a robust economy

"Let’s face it - investing in women-owned businesses translates into wealth creation. Even if the wealth that’s created is modest, it means more sustainable household income and healthier communities." Read more

Oct 2015, Sacramento Bee

New state law gives micro-lenders a more even playing field

"By signing Senate Bill 197, Gov. Jerry Brown took one small step to making sure that small business lending is not predatory for California’s entrepreneurs." Read more

Apr 2015, San Francisco Chronicle

Small business not just another special-interest group

"It’s unproductive to try to downplay our nation’s job creators as just another group lobbying politicians for their special interests. Instead, take issue with those trying to appropriate small businesses’ good name in an attempt to gain political points and pass harmful policies." Read more