Carmen Herrera-Mansir

"Claudia’s fearless spirit convinced local, state and national policy makers to pay more attention."

"Thanks to Claudia Viek, the recognition of the key role that micro-enterprises have in our economy has grown dramatically. Thanks to that, the organizations and professionals that are dedicated to the development of medium and small companies have been able to obtain more support for our work and the  entrepreneurs that we serve.

Claudia's leadership and advocacy has generated an increase in financial and community support for the organizations that serve immigrant entrepreneurs, women and other disadvantaged groups.

Claudia’s fearless spirit convinced local, state and national policy makers to pay more attention and invest resources into community economic development and the creation of self-employment, micro and small businesses."

— Carmen Herrera-Mansir

Executive Director, El PÁjaro Community Development corporation

Arturo A. Noriega

"She is indispensable!"

"Claudia and I have worked together for several years. She has helped Centro Community Partners immensely, especially in the areas of general strategy, product development, fundraising, and service delivery. Claudia is a gifted advisor, an experienced leader and an industry visionary. She knows how to rally support from stakeholders, listen well to people's differing perspectives and create solutions that bring people together and moves our industry forward.

Most importantly she cultivates a deep sense of trust that comes from her high performance and ethical standards that she practices as a professional. It is this ability and drive that has helped to steer Centro into the right strategic direction, and it has helped us to grow and build our brand nationally. She is uniquely qualified, courageous and insightful in tackling complex problems with grace, focus, and passion to help Centro development its ability to make a greater impact. She is indispensable!"

— Arturo A. Noriega

Founder & Executive Director, Centro Community Partners

"Her leadership and advocacy have increased recognition of the role of micro business assistance"

"Claudia is superb.  Her leadership and advocacy have increased recognition of the role that micro business assistance plays in stimulating entire communities, resulting in millions of dollars of capital and new grants flowing into nonprofits, and through them, into locally-owned small businesses"

— Sharon Miller, CEO, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

“It has been a pleasure working with Claudia. "

“It has been a pleasure working with Claudia.  In her role as CEO of the California Association of Micro Enterprise Opportunity (CAMEO), she has been a tireless advocate for micro-enterprise and has pushed me in my thinking on how the California Community Colleges Small Business Sector can better support small and micro-businesses.  

I have relied on Claudia as part of my statewide team of advisors to our program where she has helped suggest best practices for programs and provided valuable connections to help implement new ideas.  She has also been one of my go-to advisors for providing the most relevant data related to the needs of small businesses and micro-enterprises.”

— Charles Eason

Small Business Sector Navigator, California Community Colleges “Doing What Matters”